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Un'auto sportiva costruita nello spirito e nella tradizione della "carrozzeria" italiana. Unisce caratteristiche sia racing che turistiche e rappresenta l'ultima evoluzione del concetto di coda tronca. Questa vettura porta agilità, aerodinamica e leggerezza, che sono i cromosomi delle auto di Ercole Spada e dei futuri modelli Spadaconcept. Secondo Paolo Spada, questo modello potrebbe essere l'erede dell'Alfa Romeo TZ  ed è costruito in serie limitata su telaio Corvette, sul quale verrà applicata una nuova carrozzeria e sospensioni. Anche la meccanica e il motore della Corvette sono stati aggiornati con alcune soluzioni high tech da Spadaconcept e dai suoi partner tecnici.

Also the mechanical base resumes what already seen on the TS, that is the mighty V8 engine of Corvette Z06 origin, of the displacement of 7011 cc, revised and made even more powerful thanks to the help of two volumetric compressors Rotrex C38 Italtecnica, which largely contribute to bringing the maximum power of the car from the original 513 hp of the Z06 to 720 hp available on the Codatronca Monza (against 620 hp of the Berlinetta version), and is also available a considerable amount of torque, which finds its apex at 883 Nm. With such a cavalry and thanks to an empty weight limited to just 1,180 kg, the car can reach a maximum speed of 335 km/h, covering the shot from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. 

As for the structure, a tubular aluminum alloy frame is used with a low weight, but also composite body panels.

The steering wheel is very particular since it's equipped with real-time data acquisition system and another system for the control of a camera integrated in the car, so that you can create a high definition video of the performance of the car on the track. Even the cockpit makes use of lightweight materials and strictly racing look inspiration. 

For the production in small series, the Codatronca Monza has also been proposed with a less extreme variant of its engine, able however to deliver the considerable power of 500 CV. In addition, wealthy buyers who want to close one in their garage can also have the car set up in a less spartan, and indeed as a real luxury roadster, with leather interior and alcantara, hi-fi system, a specific dashboard and even the air conditioner and a higher windshield and equipped with wiper.

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