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EVUM Motors’ great mission is to solve daily transportation tasks through fully electric on-road and off-road mobility.

Ease work, perform transport tasks, safely deliver deliveries to their destination. This is the great purpose of EVUM aCars.

EVUM aCar focuses on the essentials but at the same time is equipped with useful features. Firstly, the versatile construction option allows you to choose between a flatbed, tarpaulin, box, and three-way tilt to meet the most diverse needs. In addition, the compact dimensions allow you to pass through alleys, sidewalks, narrow paths and to park anywhere. Finally, the spacious and comfortable driver’s cabin offers sufficient space for two people.

As mentioned, EVUM aCar has various fields of application such as daily use in craftsmanship, tourism and agricultural activities but also in logistics and for internal use by companies as it is silent and pollution-free.


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